Friday, April 13, 2012

setting up the new Mac Pro

My five year old Mac Pro started to give me fits, most of the fire wire ports were going dead and even with 18 gigs of RAM, it did not seem as quick with the larger files than I would have liked. The last straw was the DROBO's keep dropping on and off line due to connection problems.

Here's a heads up, I ended up getting it at Micro Center, they offer just as much as a sale price as the lame Apple Educators price on line and they usually have stuff in stock. The Apple Educators price is really a sham (and you have to wait for it to be shipped, in my case 10 days), and it's not the program it was years ago when it was a real discount for educators and Apple worked hard to get their products in the classroom.

The new Mac Pro is the base model and I set it up with 24 gigs of RAM and a second DVD drive that I added that will burn LightScribe discs. Most of the old SATA drives carried over to the new machine, the one thing I did loose was my Image Print RIP, my version, V8 will network with the new Lion OS. My next purchase for it will be a SSD for the applications and OS drive and an eSATA card to drive the DROBO S.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

at my studio

Spent part of the afternoon at my studio at Tyson photographing what i hope will be a windfall sale of my Herman Miller chairs. Sadly, three of them turned out to be Brunswick, but there are still three others.