Monday, February 2, 2009

Self Portrait: Replacing failed hard drive.

I've been reading for a month now about the high failure rate of Seagate 1TB hard drives. There seems to be a firmware issue with them, and even then, I have no idea how to update the firmware in a RAID hard drive, Yikes! So I took the route of denial and hoped it would all turn out just fine. The drive failed this morning in the DROBO. I had ordered a 1TB Hitachi drive last week that arrived today and installed it in the DROBO tonight. I have been a long time user of Seagate drives, I always thought they were the best of the offerings, but I'm going to spread my future drive purchases around, having all the same drive brands seems now to expose my data to risk. Seagate by the way is sending me a replacement drive, now my question is where do you install it if you don't fully trust it?

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