Thursday, February 25, 2010

Self Portrait with computer

I solved two computer issues today, first was a problem that was getting progressively worse by the month. My three year old Mac Pro would make noise like a fan or drive noise that would rise and fall and it was quite loud. I pulled off the side cover and saw that there was a lot of dust all over the video card and in particular the vents to the blower. Against all the warnings that I have read about over the years about blowing out the dust from the inside of your computer, I did and the noise went away. It must have been over heating the video card.

The second issue was installing a new optical drive. Mine uses a IDE type and I found a great one at Micro Center for $34. Upon installation, the door would not pass thru the slot in the Mac Pro, it turned out that the plate on the door of the DVD drive comes off allowing it to pass thru. Another victory over the machine. Now my Mac Pro has had its memory upgraded to 9 gigs, a new optical drive and a repaired video card fan. Next on the list, anyone know where I can get LIGHT SCRIBE software for a Mac?

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