Sunday, January 4, 2009

A new posing couch

My friend Jeff gave me a new posing couch for the studio. I have always been attracted to the "fainting" couch, my experiences in Italy looking at reclining nudes, and in the history of photography, the images of Bellocq from the Storyville portraits. I got my first antique looking couch a few years back, my sister found one on the side of the road in Storr, Ct.

I hope this will be a interesting new device to pose a range of people with different body types. Jeff told me it was given to him by two guys who insisted that when he didn't want it anymore, he had to give it away to someone. It has an odd color, but it is Italian leather.

On other fronts, I'm dealing with software issues. I recently upgraded my RIP for printing so I can use it with the latest OS for my computer 10.5. I ran into a known problem, "can not locate IP socket", in the end I had to reload the RIP software. My OS for my computer is also doing bad things, when the computer goes into sleep mode, it does not wake up and you end up crashing out the computer and restarting. Lastly, I'm into the learning curve of Lightroom 2, it seems easy enough, but while downloading images off the memory card from my new Lumix camera, the download stalled 80% into the job. Its done this for the second time now any I'm concerned it an issue with the Lumix RAW format or the SD card.

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